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Sebastian U. Stich

mail: sebastian.stich@epfl.ch
address: EPFL Lausanne, Machine Learning and Optimization Laboratory, EPFL IC IINFCOM MLO INJ 337, Station 14, CH-1015 Lausanne

Picture Sebastian Stich
I am working as a scientist at EPFL
with Prof. Martin Jaggi in the Machine Learning and Optimization Laboratory (MLO).

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Student Projects

  • Cem MusluogluQuantization and Compression for Distributed OptimizationMaster Project2018
  • Quentin RebjockError Feedback For SignSGDMaster Project2018Paper
  • Jimi VaubienDerivative-Free Empirical Risk MinimizationBachelor Project2018
  • Polina KirichenkoZero-order training for DLSummer Internship2018
  • Nikhil KrishnaAdaptive Sampling with LSHSummer Internship2018
  • Alberto ChiappaReal-time recognition of industry-specific context from mobile phone sensor dataMaster Thesis (industry project with Schindler)2018
  • Jean-Baptiste CordonnierDistributed Machine Learning with Sparsified Stochastic Gradient DescentMaster Thesis2018Paper
  • Arthur DeschampsAsynchronous Methods in Machine LearningBachelor Project2018
  • Chia-An YuCompression for Stochastic Gradient DescentMaster Project2018
  • Frederik KünstnerFully Quantized Distributed Gradient DescentMaster Project2017
  • Fabian Latorre GomezImportance Sampling for MLEDIC Project2017
  • Pooja KulkarniSteepest Descent and Adaptive SamplingSummer Internship2017
  • Anastasia KoloskovaSteepest CD and LSHSummer Internship2017Paper
  • William Borgeaud DitAdaptive Sampling in Stochastic Coordinate DescentMaster Project2017
  • Joel CastellonComplexity analysis for AdaRBFGS: a primitive for methods between first and second orderSemester Project2017
  • Alberto ChiappaAsynchronous updates for stochastic gradient descentMaster Project2017
  • Marina MannariFaster Coordinate Descent for Machine Learning through Limited Precision OperationsMaster Thesis2017
  • Anant RajSteepest Coordinate DescentInternship2017Paper


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